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Where Digital marketing can take your business in 2019 – part 1

In the interests of always educating and involving our clients in the way we build their businesses and their brands through Digital and Social media marketing, we have devised this series.

It takes a closer look at not just what’s trending in 2019, but how adopting some of the featured marketing methods can work for your business or brand, or how through partnering with effective Digital and Social media marketing experts, you can make the most of your online presence and maximise your marketing spend.

Here then is the first part of where Digital marketing can take your business in 2019 and these are a few of the hot ticket items or methods that are being more commonly used by business to make more meaningful marketing inroads:

Tell your story

The Stories format is growing 15 times faster than posts in the Feed, with What’s app status being by far the biggest. Currently, it registers 450 million daily counts and Instagram, a not so close, but still impressive, second with 300 million daily counts.

This is evidence enough to encourage more marketers to try them out and they will become even more popular in 2019. This will be the year that more marketers will integrate Stories into their marketing strategies as an effective method of reaching their customers.

Methods include creating fun polls, countdowns, engaging videos and behind the scenes content that is also interactive.

Making messages

What’s app also lead the field in another growing trend, which is one of big brands considering how they can tap into private messaging. Facebook messenger is the closest ‘also ran’ here, but there are many successful platforms, as private messaging is just such a massive Global social media trend.

Good news for brands wanting to tap into this lucrative market is that WhatsApp is already in the process of developing space for ads to appear alongside its status feature and Facebook messenger is also finding ways for private chatters to engage directly with business.

Video is vibrant and more than viable!

One of the most significant trends expected for this year is the continued massive growth of video as a brand marketing medium. U-Tube are obvious leaders in this space, but competition is fierce and ‘in the know’ Digital and SM marketers can advise accordingly.

It may also be astute to seek advice regarding video size and content as these all play a role in the efficacy of the product as a marketing tool.

Watch this space for more on where Digital Marketing can take your business in 2019. PACE Digital are Digital and Social Media marketing specialists with experience and expertise in building brands through the most effective use of this great medium. Contact us and let us devise a comprehensive strategy to get your business noticed, talking, growing and prospering. With the massive growth of this marketing medium you only need to ask yourself one question – can you afford not to be there?