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What Experiential Marketing and how important it is for your brand?

Just when you thought you had a reasonable grip on what is going on in marketing and what may be the next hottest thing for your brand, someone comes up with something that you didn’t know about. 

Experiential is the latest buzz word being thrown around the Digital and Social Media Marketing industry, so what is Experiential Marketing and how important it is for your brand? 

Experiential Marketing is probably something you have encountered before, but just didn’t know that’s what it was. When one considers that VR – or Virtual reality and AR – Augmented reality, 2 of the most prominent tools used in creating Experiential Marketing, have been around for some time, perhaps the term Experiential Marketing became the descriptive term of a form of brand building already was happening! 

In layman’s terms the definition would be something like “creating a closer bond between a brand and the consumer by enveloping them in a fun, memorable experience.” 

So, what would be a typical example? 

Disney’s recreated Doc’s clinic in Tesco, Smyths and Toys R Us in the UK, where kids were given a 10-minute immersive experience where they took the role of Doc and diagnosed what was wrong with Big Ted a huge interactive teddy bear. 

Another was Red Bull’s Stratos Jump, in which Felix Baumgartner passed the speed of sound as he broke a 52-year-old record for the highest recorded parachute jump! – Not interactive, but a hugely noticeable event connected to a brand that was experienced by millions! 

Essentially it is combining fun, interesting, original and highly noticeable reality or virtual reality experiences with marketing your brand. 

How do we use it? 

At Pace Digital we are big on bringing different technologies into Experiential Marketing and combing them to create unforgettable experiences for a brand – like making full usage of VR with AR to create a ‘Mixed Reality.’  

With the latest products at our disposal we use different technologies to create digital presentation of your products and brands – like for example, gesture control and games (which are massively popular). 

To make maximum impact, VR and AR are tied into all your digital marketing initiatives so you can have people that were not even present at the event or exhibition exposed to the marketing message, thereby giving the brand building exercise longevity! 

So, is Experiential Marketing important for your brand? 

We believe it is and if this article has helped to convince you of such, then contact us and let’s see how we can build your brand through this and many other Digital and Social Media Marketing tools and strategies! 

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