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Turn the tide of building your brand online in 2019

We live in a Digital and Social Media Marketing world that is riding on a tidal wave of change. Not just some easy ebb and flow of trends that change as time goes by, but a Tsunami of rapid change that can make or break the relevance of your brand almost overnight.

For this reason it makes sense to be entrusting the building of your brand to brand building and marketing professionals, but we like to keep our customers informed, so whether you’re trying to go it alone out there, or working with Digital marketing specialists’ here are a few trends that could turn the tide of building your brand in 2019…


Don’t underestimate the power of still simply creating good content. Whatever form it may take – text, audio or visual, the principle of connecting with clients and customers online by offering useful advice and building relationships is stronger in 2019 than it has ever been before.

As one Marketing Guru put it: “Creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content ultimately drives profitable customer action. So, can one afford to overlook content marketing as a strategy going ahead in 2019? No, never!” Having said that though, it’s important that quality should be trumping quantity and content should be targeted and well designed.

Targeted micro Influencers – and audiences

Following directly on that, certain technologies are enabling brands to be able to find and measure the impact of smaller, micro influencers and be able to use these, as opposed to spending huge amounts on macro influencers who may not be specifically targeting their audience…..

…and speaking of audiences, real life, real time engagements directly with audiences will have a massive effect of the efficacy of brands this year. Making your audience a part of the brand story is all the rage – and don’t discount the power of Virtual and Augmented Reality tools to bring this home on many platforms.

Integrated marketing

Online, social and mobile marketing are all different, but now they are inextricably interwoven. Any brand ignoring any of these is simply not playing with a full deck of cards.

2019 is well on its way now, but the emergence of the integration of these forms of marketing is growing as the year progresses. Content now has to be designed to work on all these platforms.

Professional strategic marketing

One thing that has not changed and never will is that there are brand building and Digital and Social Media Marketing professionals like PACE Digital, who are experts in this field, able to utilise all the latest technologies and Digital marketing tools to your advantage.

Well designed, measured strategies will never be replaced as the most comprehensive way to maximise your advertising spend and brand presence.  Check out our website for the wide range of services we provide. This, combined with our impressive combined experience, make us leaders in our field.

Contact us so that we can ascertain your specific needs and immediately start to turn the tide of building your brand in 2019!

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