Intranet & Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Bring People and Information together in your business through a personalised Company Intranet or Learning Management System (LMS)

Global trends have resulted in more and more employees working remotely and spending less “face to face” time at the office.  The need has, therefore risen for a central communication platform such as a company intranet to ensure that company communication is in no ways compromised.

An intranet is a private network or digital workplace designed for securely sharing company information, collaborating on projects, sharing operational systems, and other computing resources among employees within an organisation. It can also be used to facilitate teleconferences as well as employees working in groups.

The effectiveness of an intranet was questioned in the past due to them being used for only top-down communication. Today, intranet software allows both top-down communication to align employees with the company vision and mission and bottom-up communication to encourage employee social engagement.  

Whether on-premise or cloud-based, on a secured internal system, each staff members’ homepage becomes their offices. They can engage with their company and Directors, collaborate with their colleagues,  still conduct both business and social communications and receive HR and social announcements like vacancies and Birthdays – just to keep everyone on board.

These secure intranets can be built and set up through a range of software options such as Microsoft Sharepoint and BuddyPress


Online or e-learning has also become a key focus for organisations that have staff or clients scattered in different places. learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs.

An LMS consists of 2 separate parts:

1 – Back End that performs key functionality allowing the user to create, manage and deliver e-learning courses as well as to authenticate users and save user data and learning progress.

2 – Front End user interface that runs like a website and used by instructors, learners and administrators.

Providing e-learning for Businesses, Organisations and Government agencies to cover aspects such as Employee Orientation and Training, Employee Development & Retention, Compliance Training, Sales Enablement, Client Training, and Partner or Member Training, an LMS can integrate many functionalities and provide relevant up to date content that employees and customers need to be exposed to.

No organisation can afford not to train their employees or clients well. Pace Digital has access to some of the leading online Learning Management Systems (LMS) to assist you in providing training on just about anything. Our systems are well suited to the fast-paced organisations who believe in upskilling their staff or clients and cover the below functionalities:

Resource management

Learner/User personalisation

Assessments & Testing

Learner Progress Tracking and Reporting  

Content Management

Various ways to present content such as Presentations, Video, Simulation, Gamification

Mobile access

Online/Offline Capabilities  

At Pace Digital, we believe that successful development relies on a proper understanding of each companies unique communication and internal system requirements.

Through a thorough consultation process, we seek to understand these specifications before beginning implementation.

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