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IoT and design – a match made in heaven!

PACE digital offer one of the finest design teams in the country and like to feel that we are very much aligned with cutting edge technologies. IoT or the Internet of Things and design are going to become inextricably linked in the years to come as they complement each other in so many ways. In the interest of keeping our customers and potential customers enlightened and informed, this article looks at IoT and Design – A match made in heaven!

What is IoT?

Wherever the human element is absent, devices like ATMs, cars, refrigerators, environmental sensors, baby monitors and surveillance equipment, can still be connected over the internet. They are given unique I.Ds by which they are recognised to interconnect. Apple devices are an excellent example of this.

Connecting IoT and Design

There are design elements to everything you see connected on the internet through all smart devices like laptops, mobiles and tablets. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is the elements of a site you see and the design layout is speared through these when you are viewing.

Designers now have to think about the front end interface. Appliances like the aforementioned and other smart devices, naturally connected through IoT, need an easy to adopt, clean interface for more accessible communication. These are a few ways that this match made in heaven will best integrate…

User face – Primarily used in mobile devices, design in this context need to be intuitive, clean and fast and have a logical flow.

Back end communication – Methods differ from one device to another as each comes with its own set of commands, capabilities and functionalities to receive and transmit information.

Mobile user experience – The best rule of thumb here is for the design to be simple with minimal features, so they will be easier to load on mobile.

Page loading speed – Again, keep a simple theme to make the quickest loading of the page possible. You need time for device communication and data sharing. Preferably implement designs that are considered to be slow designs.

Seek professional advice and expertise

In this article on IoT and design – a match made in heaven we have really just touched on what this great marriage is all about. Watch out for a future article on ‘Making IoT and Design work well together.’ We at PACE digital will always be there to advise and educate our clients and whoever would like to know more about what we do. Contact us to find out about the comprehensive range of services we offer that cover every aspect of brand building, management and marketing…. and keep watching this space!

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