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Digital marketing methods to max your mark-ups in 2019

In the interests of keeping our clients and prospective clients well in the know about the latest marketing methods, we are presenting this series on some astute ways you (hopefully in partnership with your Digital Marketing experts) can make the most of your marketing spend.

The secret is to follow current trends that are working for businesses and growing in stature in the Digital and Social media marketing space – and then to devise a strategy to include these in your marketing plan. We have mentioned some of these in previous articles and as this seems to be helpful to our clients, here are a few more Digital marketing methods to max your mark-ups in 2019!

Personalisation through A.I

Artificial Intelligence (A.I) has to be the most dramatic and effective trend to hit this industry in many years. Through applications like Chatbots, brands are developing an element of personalisation, improved customer experience and analytics said to be revolutionary in this marketing space.

Interestingly 74% of consumers are happy to give up data for a more personalised ad experience. Chatbots are actually preferred by the public to live call centre interaction, because they are said to be more attentive, don’t argue with the customer and more accurately record the customer’s request!

Give your brand a voice

With advertising on the mobile phone being the largest area of growth in advertising, it is estimated that Voice searches, found in many mobile apps and devices, will grow as a trend through 2019 and by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches!

Digital assistants along with Voice searches will continue to grow in use simply because they integrated into products that help us complete tasks more efficiently. Rumour has it that Facebook Messenger is testing voice search with the new M Assistant button in Android, which would allow usage in a hands-free application. Brands should look at this as another good possible area of more personal connection with clients.

Live your story through VR

In a previous article, we reported on the massive growth of storytelling as a cornerstone of social content and an excellent brand building opportunity. Now with the incredible popularity of live-streaming features across all major social networks, storytelling will shift to more spontaneous, real-time content – better known as ‘story-living.’

Brands will need to be open to creating live, unscripted experiences that result in impromptu moments. The adoption of Virtual Reality (a speciality of Pace Digital) will greatly enhance the story living experience because there is far more impact when users are fully immersed in it.

Engage trendy Digital and Social Media Marketing experts

One of the areas of our expertise is this massively growing form of marketing and we at PACE Digital are always abreast of the latest trends. We don’t only give useful advice, like this article on Digital marketing methods to max your mark-ups in 2019, but can devise an inclusive strategy to grow your brand and maximise your marketing R.O.I.

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