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Setting the PACE for Virtual Events in South Africa

Despite the huge amount of hardship experienced by many businesses and individuals in the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the upsides to it is that it engendered some innovative thinking amongst local Entrepreneurs. One great example of this was the PACE digital team, who realising the

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Lockdown does not mean shut down for events and expos

While COVID-19 has the world pinned down in their homes, businesses the world over are finding new innovative ways to overcome the challenges faced by social distancing. Online interaction in every form has become the number one priority for any business to keep up with

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A 7 step start-up plan to Social Media marketing

A 7 step start-up plan to Social Media marketing Building your brand through Social Media is simpler than you think. Social media has really changed the way people think about marketing. Originally a medium for people to chat, it has become the best and most

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