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A 7 step start-up plan to Social Media marketing

A 7 step start-up plan to Social Media marketing

Building your brand through Social Media is simpler than you think. Social media has really changed the way people think about marketing. Originally a medium for people to chat, it has become the best and most cost effective way for anyone to build a brand.

It really isn’t rocket science either and although it can get complicated, there are a few basic steps that any start up can take to begin building their brand on Social Media. Here then is a 7 step start-up plan to Social Media marketing…

1) Create an online presence

You need to be seen to be heard, so having a good website and being present on social media platforms is vitally important. Get advice from good social media marketing specialists though, as to which platforms best suit your business.

2) Write blogs and posts

Now it’s time to engage with others and so you create some ‘content’ – Content comes in various forms – i.e. written word, audio or visual. The most common form of content on LinkedIn (the largest business to business platform) and Facebook, is the written word – or ‘blogs’ and posts.

Blogs are articles that help your customers and educate them about your business – and social media ‘posts’ are small pieces you post to your online platforms. These are under 100 words usually – again giving advice, or making people aware of what’s happening in your business.

3) Record a podcast

An audio version of a blog is a podcast. The narrator reads articles or posts and these are gaining in popularity as business to business tools as well. Using a voice makes potential clients feel they know you better, as it is more personal.

4) Make a vlog

The rapid growth of platforms like You Tube and Instagram means that a vast number of your potential clients can be found here – and video, in particular live streaming, is bigger than ever in 2019!

Make some Infographics – graphics with text – and if you can afford it, good videos. This, done on a regular basis, is also known as ‘Vlogging!’ Keep the content short though and engaging. Periscope and Facebook live are also good platforms for this medium.

5) Create a webinar

One of the points of creating the written content we spoke about in the last article, is to become a ‘thought leader’ in your industry. If the information you are imparting is useful and helpful, this gains respect amongst your peers and potential customers.

A webinar is a great way to prove your worth as a thought leader, as you are actually giving a class and answering questions in an informal online forum.

6) Work with ‘Influencers’

Taking this a step further, people who have built a reputation as thought leaders and who blog prolifically, can become ‘influencers’ as they affect the public’s buying choices.

You need to get on their band waggon. Offer to write a guest blog on other sites in your industry, so you become an influencer, or ask an influencer to review your product or service – remembering of course that they can be ruthless, so you need to be up to it!

7) Offer a free E-book to build a data base

Creating an e-book can also be a really great way to impart advice and show your expertise in your field. More than that, you can offer this valuable resource for free just to build a really great data base! Remember, if you’re writing blogs anyway you can aim to compile those blogs after a period of time into an e-book.

Seek professional advice

This has been a 7 step start-up plan to Social Media Marketing, but if you are serious about building your brand to great heights, at some stage you will need the help of Social Media Marketing experts.

They will assist you with a proper strategy and things like assessing your progress and knowing what your customers (and your opposition) are doing. I really hope this guide to brand building on social Media has been helpful. Happy blogging, Vlogging and building your brand on social Media!

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