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Covid-19 means less human contact. 3 benefits of having an online presence during these times

The whole world, due to COVID-19 has had to find ways to avoid making any more human contact than what is absolutely necessary. This, of course, affects not only the family, with kids forced to stay home, but many businesses to are looking for ways to have their full staff at home and working online.

The retail industry, in particular which, over the last few years, has begun a transition to online shopping, now need to look long and hard at this as a matter of urgency.  This is a possible solution to maintaining the sale of their products when people simply aren’t going to shops unless they have to.

Time to build an online presence and work from home

Those who began to set up online shopping portals a while ago are now sitting pretty as they have most of their required infrastructure in place. It is quite a big subject, but for those wanting to get started on this we have some good basic advice and here are 3 great ways to make selling online pay.

Go e-commerce to keep selling

If you wish to sell online, you need to set up or convert to an e-commerce website. This means your existing website ‘front face’ is enhanced by an online store and catalogue, integrated with an online payment gateway.

No doubt you have seen this a thousand times when you have shopped online – now it’s your turn to offer the same. It requires some initial financial outlay and effort but is essential to stay in business if you are reliant on selling products and not just services.

Keep everyone on board

The new norm companies have found themselves in is having staff scattered all over in their homes and no longer communicating “face to face”, the need has suddenly risen for a central communication platform such as a company intranet to ensure that company communication is in no ways compromised.

On a secured internal system each staff members’ homepage becomes their offices. You can receive and send messages from the Directors, still conduct both business and social communications and include HR and social announcements like vacancies and Birthdays – just to keep everyone on board.

These secure intranets can be built and set up through software such as Microsoft Sharepoint and BuddyPress.

Keep everyone informed and trained

It may also be a concern that your employees have a lot to learn about your new online systems and procedures. This to needn’t be a concern as there are many online Learning Management Systems (LMS) to assist staff through change management and keep them upskilled and trained in a whole range of skills.

A better way in the long run?

Essentially, people no longer need to be in a room together to communicate or be trained, and your customers no longer have to be in a shop to decide upon and buy most of what they want.

Of course, we look forward to the end of our current movement restrictions and we are sure this time will pass. If you take the opportunity now though to realign your business to where most businesses are going anyway, you may find that for economic and practical reasons that an online business is really a better way to go.   

At very least, once this has all passed, you will have greatly widened your margins of opportunity and your national or even global reach. PACE Digital are experts at the setup of and assistance with these 3 great ways to make selling online pay.

Contact us (online of course) and check out our website to find out about our extensive range of Digital and Social Media marketing services, but most importantly, take good care of yourselves and keep building your businesses – online!

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